You want a safe, comfortable, and accepting space to be yourself and face life's challenges.

Together, we will explore and address the events, difficulties, and valued relationships in your life. By arriving here you’ve taken an important step on your way to the change you seek.

I am here for you.

Working with me, Doctor Braman, you can learn why you feel the way you do, what you can do about it, and how to work toward change in your relationships.

No one is born knowing how to manage their feelings or be in a healthy relationship. For that same reason, those close to us rarely have all the answers or perspective to help, regardless of their level of education. Therapy offers you the space and opportunity to learn.

Working with Dr. Braman, feedback is not just welcomed but encouraged.

I respect your identities, values, and lifestyles. You can benefit from my expertise in mental health, relationships, and daily life and ask questions, disagree, and debate as you wish.

Choosing a psychologist is a very personal process.

I want you to feel able to decide if I am the one for you. If you don’t want someone who will point out when you are working against yourself, I am not the psychologist for you. If working with someone with an awareness of world events, social justice, and occasional wordplay concern you, then I encourage you to keep looking.

Exploring patterns in past and present relationships, your values, and daily life, I help you to expand your understanding of your own experiences and relationships.

Serious, respectful, and professional, I offer room to laugh, cry, or speak your mind, however brash or informal it may be.

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