Whether feeling worried, angry, anxious, or misunderstood, I offer you a safe, comfortable, and accepting place to be.

Together, you will be able to explore and manage the events, difficulties, and valued relationships in your life.

Perhaps arguments with your partner or upsetting events with your partner have taken over your daily life. You may feel cut off from supportive people in your life. By arriving here you’ve taken an important step on your way to the change you seek.

I am here for you.

Working with me, Doctor Braman, you can learn why you feel the way you do, what you can do about it, and how to work toward change in your relationships.

No one is born knowing how to control their own feelings or how to be in a relationship, and friends, family and ‘commonsense’  can’t give us all the answers. Some answers must be learned for ourselves, and therapy can help.

Worried about giving up control by entering therapy? Well, therapy is a two-way street, where your feedback is not just welcomed but encouraged.

Together, we will explore what has happened to you, past and present, and how to set yourself on a path toward where you want to be.

I, Dr. Daniel Braman, am a licensed psychologist.

I will support you through our work, respecting your identity, values, and lifestyle, while helping you move forward in your life.

Choosing a psychologist is a very personal process,

and I want you to feel able to decide if I am the psychologist for you.

If you don’t want a psychologist who will point out when you are working against yourself and your goals, then I’m not the psychologist for you.

Still here? Yes? Great!

Looking for a person who will help you during a difficult, and overwhelming time of your life, while providing a calm, safe, and supportive space?

As an aware, affirming, and accepting psychologist I work with individuals and couples of all backgrounds, lifestyles, sexualities, genders, faiths, and viewpoints.

You value a serious and respectful space while also having room to laugh, cry, or speak your mind, however brash or informal.

If you’ve connected with some or all of what I have written above, you’ve come to the right place.

Working with me, you can learn why you feel the way you do, what you can do about it, and how to work toward positive change in your relationships.

If you already know that I am the psychologist for you, call (407) 413 8169 to schedule your first session.

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