People I Work With:

People whose life is out of their control

  • Caring for others in your life or feeling weighed down by events in your life, you carry a weight on your shoulders, one of responsibility, obligation, and inertia.
    • Over time this is draining, leaving you sad, angry, or anxious, sometimes even leading to panic attacks, conflict, and/or alcohol use in an attempt to manage the stress.

People whose feelings are out of control

  • Do you blame yourself for not ‘keeping it together’ when you become ‘emotional’ around others?
  • Ever ‘snap’ at others for doing things the wrong way, whether friends, family, coworkers, or drivers on the road…?
  • Beat yourself up because you didn’t do something a certain way?

People who feel boxed in and controlled by others’ expectations

  • Actively exploring your identity whether related to gender, sexuality, or relationship preference?
  • Identify as  trans* or queer?
  • Dating or living your life in a less common relationship arrangement whether polyamory, open-relationships, or any other forms, including lifestyle?
  • Feel that there’s a gap between how you view the world and how ‘everyone else’ sees things?

Working with me you can:

  • Find a calm, safe place to explore the patterns, experiences, and events in your life that have led you to where you are now.
  • Gain skills to work through your feelings in workable, effective, and reliable ways.
  • Re-kindle common ground with your romantic partner(s) and learn how to keep your relationship not just surviving but thriving.
  • Navigate past fights and arguments with a partner or co-parent to find a path toward your common hopes and goals.

Ready to begin our work together and start on the path toward the change you seek?

 Doctor Daniel Braman

Doctor Daniel Braman

Education and Professional Training

I earned my BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Psychology at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota. And yes, the winters there are COLD. 

In 2010, I enrolled in the Clinical Psychology program at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

During my time as a doctoral student, I gained training in a variety of approaches to therapy, both psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral. My education both within and outside of the classroom included experiences in individual, couples, and family therapy, in English and Spanish. During my studies toward my Masters of Psychology and Doctorate of Psychology at Rutgers, I specialized in multicultural psychology. 

Throughout my training, I pay attention and care to my clients' cultural and personal values. 

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